KILL ACIDITY BY 8-12 (Health Mantra – 01) Blog – 14

Our health is governed by sun’s clock. So if we follow sun’s clock we remain heaLthy.

In today’s busy ,target oriented , deadline schedules it becomes difficult to manage time of eating ……so we land up in the universal problem of ACIDITY.

Acidity is a very vague term….it means different things for everyone. For someone acidity is burning in stomach , for others it is indigestion. There is a big list of symptoms which are coined as acidity- burning in chest, pain in abdomen, indigestion, gases, constipation……in short alll ends up in digestion disturbances.

Lets understand acidity with two simple examples-

  1. Suppose we have kept vessel on flame and its heating…heating up…but we dont put any food in it….what happens it starts burning…fumimg…
  2. If after heating for long we put food in the vessel to cook…what will happen is that the food will get burnt off and not cook well…plus the vessel becomes damaged.

Same is the case in our stomach……heat is necesary for any trasformation ….so our body secrets acids to transform food into body cells…..and that digestive fire is governed by sun’s clock as explained by ayurveda.

  1. The acids starts secreting in stomach but we dont put food inside ….so as happens in the case of pot…same happens in our stomach…the acid starts accumulating and hurting our inner line of stomach ….it starts burning the membranes…so we feel burning in stoamch, pain in abdomen, gases (as fumes forms in pot)…we call it ACIDITY.
  2. When we get time, we eat food….till then the acid has damaged the stomach linning ….same like the pot getting damaged…..and so inflammtion ,erosions form to the inner linning of stomach….we call it STOMACH / GASTRIC ULCERS. And as the food put in overheated vessel gets burnt off…same happens when food is eaten after the acids have diluted….the foosd is not digested properly…so indigestion starts…not properly digested food liberate gases….burping….reflux of acid….bloating….and slowly leading to constipation.

So the solution to THIS BIG PROBLEM OF ACIDITY is very simple.


We know ” Time is Money” ………..but we dont know “ Time is HEALTH too”

If dont manage finance daily…it goes haywire….

If we dont follow time in office…work becomes haywire…..

Same ways…if we dont follow time of eating……health becomes haywire……

It doesnt take an hour or two to eat….just 10 minutes….manage atleast 2 times of day…..Time of BREAKFAST 8AM nad Time of LUNCH 12NOON.

No one is telling you to compromise work and all…..just manage it…..Imagine you go to office at 8 and you are not given any work till 2 or 3…then you are overloaded with work after that….what will happen…..when you are fresh you dont get work…..and when you are lethargic you are given work….your work is sure to be compromised , the same work will take longer time to be done than if it was given on time.

Same is case with our body….it takes 3 to 4 hours for body to complete the digestion process….its work is more miraculous than our’s…transforming food into our body cells……body is waiting from 8 am….you eat at 2 or 3 …by then its acids are diluted….so the digeston and output is sure to be compromised one…plus it will take way longer time to digest the same food…

So the KILL ACIDITY MANTRA is very simple

Give body food on time….atleast follow 2 timings ….fixed….8am breakfast and 12 noon lunch.

Its take few minutes…plus body also has to do its 3 hours job. You feed it at 8 am in 10 mins…let it also work on its job and you do your work….by 12 its work is over.Fresh energy and glucose for your body and mind is ready. Your energy levels too remain high and even immunity is boosted. Next 10 minutes for lunch at 12 noon …..and body is afresh with fresh digestive juices for next work and you too for your work.

It is better to eat whatever is available on TIME than eating late.


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