Indian cuisines are science based (Blog – 09)

Our ancient hrishies through their wisdom achieved through deep meditation knew that every plant has medicinal property if taken in proper quantity and in proper season.

So they studies the properties of all plants. The plants which had a pleasent taste as well which had medicinal property to keep our digestion, metabolism and excretion good were selected. For example – Ginger for digestion, coriander seeds for urine excretion, ajwain as flatulent etc

All these plants were then further studied so to understand their active ingredient solubility…i.e. if they are water soluble, oil soluble or ghee soluble….so preparations were made keeping in mind their solubility. For example…cumin seeds are mostly used with ghee and mustard seeds are used with oil preparations.

Next there combination properties were studies….and they found few combinations are extra beneficial and others are harmful to health…like milk and fruits together were found to be harmful to health….making you prone to diabetes and skin diseases…so such were avoided.

Later they studied which plants are beneficial in which season and they formulated receipes for those seasons. For example- Methi ladoos for winter season, modak for october heat etc.

They even found few things harmful in few seasons and advised their restrictions like curd in rainy season was strictly asked to be avoid.

Few plants were not to be eaten in raw form so they were advised to be soaked in buttermilk or salt water to remove harmful elements from them. For example suran (Elephant foot yam) is soaked in buttermilk to neutralise calcium oxalate enxymes in suran.

Here i would like to bring your attention to one thing that nowadays many people practice i.e….eating everything raw…..our digestive sysytem in stone age was able to digest raw forms but with evolution now our digestive system cant digest only raw forms. Plus few things in raw form are especially harmful if taken everyday for a long duration….for example …now a days people dring bottle gourd juice, karela juice, aloe vera juice in raw form….these plants are very bitter and if taken for long will lead to disesases rather than health like ulcers, fissures etc.

This is how our ” PAAK- KRUTI” is actually a SCIENCE of cooking and not anything is made anyhow. For example- proteins are digested better with ghee so all sweet besan receipes have ghee with it and in pinch of sunth in it to help digest it properly like laddos, puranpoli etc.

All these plants along with spieces IN SPECIFIC COMBINATION help in keeping us healthy.

So study the science behind all our ancient recipes before making any unhealthy changes in it.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

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