Have you wondered. What is real IMMUNUTY ?

IMMUNITY is anything which prevent diseases. like exercise, healthy food, healthy routine.  

In Ayurveda all this is called Dincharya.

“Din means Day and charya means lifestyle. ie ideal lifestyle.”

But even after following ideal lifestyle we fall sick with change in season. Why?

Because we don’t change our routine and diet with change in season. In ayurveda changes in diet and routine are describe in detail under the heading “Hritucharya.”

“Hritu means Season and Charya means lifestyle.”

When is the cold outside we wear woolen clothes. But what about other diet and routine changes we don’t make changes in diet and routine according to season so fall sick.

So if by following Hritucharya we can prevent diseases. So is today’s terminology we can say Hritucharya is IMMUNITY BOOSTER.

So IMMUNITY BOOSTER is not a churn or powder or tablet. But IMMUNITY BOOSTER is complete change in diet and routine according to season. Isn’t it fascinating

So of course immunity booster would be different for each season.

In Ayurveda six Hrituchrya are describe to six seasons.

We will be disscussing it in a coming videos.

So today’s Health Mantra – 08

“Following Hritucharya is the real IMMUNITY BOOSTER”.

So in our next video will discuss about “Immunity booster for October Heat”

Stay healthy, Stay Blessed.


Rainy season is invite to all diseases from cough, cold, flu to loose motions and most irritation fungal infections and joint pains.

Ayurveda states that our body clock is governed by sun’s nature clock.

As in universe so in body

External sun’s heat “agni” provides fire to our internal “agni” digestive power.

As the rainy season is mostly cloudy and sun’s heat is overtaken by rains….so our internal “agni” digestive power also becomes less.

So seasonal changes are necessary to maintain health.

As every Indian festival and ritual has science behind it with a main motto of maintaining health of people like- Ganesh chturthi comes before October heat …and ganesh eats only white modak, coconut and raisins…the offerings we give to god is for us to know what should be seasonal change in our diet according to season change .

On same principles, in rainy season fasting is advised, (Chaturmaas, Shravan) as digestive power has become less so fasting helps maintain health in this season.

Rainy season is considered as ” VAAT PRAKOP” season means VAAT increases in body as well in environment. Vata increases with its COLD and SOUR PROPERTY in body as well in environment. So to combact these vaat diseases of this season , we should


Oil with warm properties is best for decreasing VATA

The basic principle to maintain health in this season is –

“As digestive power is less…eat light , WARM food before sunset and avoid SOUR and COLD”

So the tips to remain healthy are-


  • Oil is best for decreasing VATA . so we get the internal urge to eat oily things in this season like pakoda, bhaji, papad. Body tries to keep balance by making such urges. But keep in mind the quantity.
  • (You must have observed that we usually fall sick at night after eating some above mentioned food after sunset)
  • Completely stop CURD.
  • Avoid fruits after sunset.
  • Drink boiled water and preferably warm while drinking.
  • Add ginger or sunth (dry ginger) to tea.
  • You can safely have one meal in this season i.e. lunch and skip dinner…..good season to lose weight guys…as appetite will be low and fasting won’t harm too.
  • Avoid large pulses like Green Mutter (peas), Black Vatana (Black peas), White Vatana (White peas), paavata etc.
  • Avoid cold food and beverages…as body has to work extra to convert it into normal temperature and then use it…..already digestive power is less in this season.
  • Wear dry, warm cloths to avoid fungal infection. If you feel itching is starting on some areas of body then apply dry neem +turmeric powder there.


  • Garlic is very good in rainy season as it has very good anti– viral property. So eat garlic chutney in diet.
  • If joints start paining with swelling and redness, apply dry sunth powder to joints and keep overnight.
  • If only joint pain is there they apply Mahanarayan oil to joint and do hot fomentation.
  • For babies and children, apply vekhand ( Sweet Flag)  powder to chest and head at night while sleeping if you feel they are about to have cough,cold.
  • If you are feeling a lot cold, chills then apply hot fomentation to backbone to get relief immediately.
  • If you are feeling like stomach is upset and loose motions will start then consume sunth tablets (mix sunth (dry ginger) and jaggery and make small tablets of it)
  • Tooth aches start in this season, so massage gums with VICCO DANTAMANJAN after brushing teeth.


Rainy season is considered as ” VAAT PRAKOP” season means VAAT increases in body as well in environment. So to combact these vaat diseases caused due to increase in coldness in envirnment, we should increase warmness in body.

The best way to do that is by SURYANAMASKAR. It helps to inprove blood circulation in body as well creat warmness. It is also a salutation to sun, a prayer so as to give us its strength and warmness.


As explained earlier as VATA increases in this season with its cold property so we should avoid things and lifestyle which increases VATA.

Avoid exposure to direct cold air, wear warm cloths especially keep your chest warm. Cover your nose and ear so direct cold air doesnt enter our body.

Oil is best for decreasing Vata. so MASSAGE with oils having warm properties is highly advisable. ( Til Oil, mustard Oil)

Stay Healthy and enjoy MONSOON.

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