Immunity Booster For October – Coconut (Part – 2) (Home Remedy No – 07) Blog – 44

In our last blog October Immunity booster – COCONUT (part – 1) we learnt that Coconut grows in “Aakash Mahabhuts” i.e. space so it has more constituents of “Aakash Mahabhut” and so it works extremely good or works wonders on parts of the body which have dominance of “Aakaash mahabhut”. These are HEAD, EAR, INTESTINES and BLADDER.

In last blog we learnt about benefits of coconut for HEAD and EAR. In this blog we are learning how coconut is beneficial for INTESTINE and BLADDER? 

Coconut is white in colour and has good content of fiber and water. So it balances Pittah and water in body .

So in October heat we should eat coconut in 3 forms.


1. GRATED COCONUT – Start eating coconut in meals every day. Coconut has high fiber content so it doesn’t increase cholesterol and triglyceride if it is eaten along with fibers i.e. in raw form. But when we start extracting oil from it and use oil in cooking then it accumulates in the blood and so our cholesterol , trigylceides and other lipids start increasing.

So in October start eating raw form grated coconut in diet, as it’s high fiber content helps in digestion and keeps bowel movement good .

2. COCONUT WATER – In october ,due to heat and alot of sweating the water electrolyte balance in body gets disturbed and we fall sick with Loose Motion, Acidity, Urine Burning, Migraine, Headache and number of diseases. So to prevent diseases or to cure them ayurveda advices that we should drink coconut water of ripe coconut. 

Ayurveda says that no fruit should be eaten in raw form.

So Ayurveda doesn’t advise drinking coconut water of unripe coconut which we get on streets.

So in october we should consume coconut water of ripe coconut everyday. It has good balance of electrolytes in it so it maintains water and electrolyte equilibrium in our body and we remain Healthy.

3. COCONUT MILK – Coconut milk is coolant and balances Pittah in body. So we should be consumed Coconut milk in different recepies like Solkadhi, different curries etc.

So guys now you know that to combact october heat we shuold use Coconut in diet in varied forms.

  • In morning on empty stomach consume grated coconut with raisins and sugar.
  • rink coconut water and coconut milk of ripe coconut everyday.

That is why it is told in Ganpati to start eating Modak beacause it is also made up of Coconut.     

So start eating October immunity booster – coconut everyday remain healthy.

Immunity booster for october – coconut , pART – 1.(home Remedy No – 06) blog – 42

In our last Health mantra blog – 08 we have learned that “Hritucharya i.e. changes in diet and routine according to season keeps us Healthy.”

Now October heat is coming. “In Ayurved this season is called SHARAD HRITU”.

So what changes to do in diet and routine in Sharad Hritu?…….. the changes are advised from Narali Pournima i.e. start eating coconut.

 So today’s Home Remedy No – 06 is

“Immunity Booster of October is – COCONUT.”

Coconut has an indispensible part in the Hindu religion and rituals. “It is referred to as shriphal” or divine fruit. Such is the importance given to Coconut. But about religious or philosophical significance of coconut we will study in our coming blogs.

Today on 2nd September on occasion of “WORLD COCONUT DAY.” We are going to study about the health benefits of coconut.

Universal is made up of 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Space and Air.

Coconut grows in “Aakash mahabhut”. So coconut oil has the colour of Aakash i.e. white and others oil seeds like til, sesame they grow in “Pruthvi Mahabhut.” So they have the colour of Pruthvi i.e. Yellow.

Itsn’t nature fascinating. 

Coconut grows in Aakash Mahabhut. So it has more constituents of Aakash. So it works better on parts of body which have more constituents of Aakash.

According to Ayurveda these body part are – Head, Ear, Intestines and Bladder. So lets understands health benefits of coconut to each one of them

1 . HEAD –

Did you ever notice that there is a lot of Smilarity between a coconut and our Head? Coconut has hair, we have hair. It has hard shell, we have skull. The coconut from inside is similar to our brain and water similar to C.S.F. that is a fluid inside our head. That is why, coconut has alot of heath benefits for all the organs of our head.

So with start of October heat ……..

Start eating fresh ripe coconut with sugar in the morning on empty stomach.

So that it balances of Pittah in the body as well as it provides nourishment to Hair, Brain, Eyes and Ears. It is good for hair as well as eyes.

So at bed time we should apply coconut oil to feet and do massage so that our eyes remain cool and remain protected from october heat.

2. EAR –

According to Ayurveda EAR is an “Aakash” Mahabhut dominant organ. So becuase of noise pollution due to TV, mobile, vehicles etc. VAAT increases in Ear and so it leads to a lot of Ear problems like hearing impairement, tinnitus etc. According to Ayurveda, to balance Vaat in ear we should do “KARNA POORAN” with COCONUT OIL.

KARNA POORAN is instilling coconut oil in to Ear.

So once a week we should put 4/4 drops of coconut oil in each ear and lie down for 10 miutes. After 10 minutes when you get up clean your both ears with cotton properly, otherwise if oil remains in ear then it leads to fungal infection.

So in today’s blog we learnt health benefits of coconut for Head and Ear. In our next blog we will learn about its benefits for our Intestine and Bladder.

So till then start eating coconut and remain healthy.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

Preventive measures against Black fungus – Ayurveda perspective. (Blog – 18)

Seeing the cases increasing at such a tremendous speed and the complications of fungus being vision loss….It is better to take maximum preventive measures and stay safe from the disease.

As for fungus, we should understand in which environment does fungus grow faster….The answer is very simple…..Unhygienic and humid climate.

So the preventive measures would also be on same lines i.e……Hygiene and dry ventilated climate.

– Stay in well ventilated rooms

– Minimise use of Air conditioners

– Use clean masks and cloths. Avoid sharing each other’s mask, towels , pillows , handkerchiefs etc.

– Disinfect intimate clothing with dettol , dry them properly or iron them.

Ayurvedic Perspective –

1) Ayurveda says that for any disease to happen the balance in Panchamahabhutas I.e. earth (pruthvi), water (jal) , fire (tej), air (vaayu) ,and space (aakash) should be disturbed.

So according to ayurveda, if water is favouring the growth of fungus then eatables and environment having more water should be avoided.

2) Ayurveda states that as fungus grows fast on things which become stale fast, spoil fast….So such things should be avoided. On other hand, the things which when kept at room temperature doesn’t spoil fast have good potency in them like awla, honey etc

So it’s easy to make list of eatables-

– Most important according to ayurveda is AVOID MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS COMPLETELY.

-Avoid fermented products and products which spoil very fast when kept at room temperature like bakery products like bread, cake

– Prefer dry, roasted things like chapati to rice, pops to gravies.

-Prefer spicy things to sweet things.

-Prefer soups to cold drinks

And MOST IMPORTANTLY keep IMMUNITY high by following healthy lifestyle that is early to bed early to rise, eat on time and MOST IMPORTANT EXERCISE.

Sweating after exercise improves skin circulation ,opens pore and helps in proper excretion of dirt through sweat also helps maintain body temperature…But taking a proper bath after exercise is equally important…And proper drying after bath.

DANTAMANJAN- After brushing teeth….Apply DANTAMANJAN POWDER to gums, teeth and tongue….Keep it for 4 mins and then wash off with warm water.

DHUMPAAN – that is taking medicated fumes of triphala powder to nose and mouth.(not steam…No water…Burn the powder on pan)

UDAVARTAN -Apply dry medicated powder or triphala powder (utane/ubatan) to skin after bath.

TRIPHALA is very good for skin so 1 teaspoon triphala powder on empty stomach in the morning keeps bowel, digestion, skin healthy and immunity high.

And last but not the least as it is a communicable disease


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UNIQUE Paanchabhautic Ayurveda. (Blog – 12)

What is Paanchabhutic Ayurveda? 

Universe and body is made of five basic elements – Earth (Prithvi), Water (aap), Fire (tej), Air (vaayu), and Space(aakash). Paanchabahutic Ayurveda studies individual and disease at these basic molecular / micro level.Hence our diagnosis is more Accurate treatment, More Precise and Prognosis much Superior.

How it differs –

Fundamental Concepts– The body and mind are made of five basic constituents namely earth, water, fire, air and space…. (Panchmahabhutas) And basic genetic makeup of an individual is made up of the particular composition of these Panchmahabhutas. The composition of Panchmahabhutas differs from individual to individual.

Disease & Disorders– Any disturbance in the proportion of these basic genetic material i.e. Panchmahabhutas at a particular time results in diseases and disorders

Our Diagnosis Methods – Based on in depth studies over decades the Panchbautic way of therapy has developed its own diagnostics methods and tools.

How these diagnostic methods differ from modern medicine methods– After studying genetic makeup of Panchmahabhutas in an individual, the Paanchabhautic Ayurveda places its focus on identifying and capturing the early changes/ disturbances in the basic Panchmahabhutas. These diagnostic methods captures the disturbances at the micro levels and well before it is expressed as changes in biomarkers (Blood pressure, Blood levels of glucose, triglycerides, vitamins, hormones etc.). This helps in correcting the disturbances of Panchmahabhutas well before it changes in the biomarkers which develops into disease or disorder. The modern medicine therapy however, uses changes in composition of biomarkers as the diagnostic tool.

How Paanchabhautic Ayurveda differs –    The human body and mind is made up of Panchmahabhutas and all living and non-living organisms are also made of Panchmahabhutas. The Paanchabhautic Ayurveda selects and picks up a particular constituent from the nature around and

1.  provide it to the body which is depleted of it and thus corrects the imbalance of Panchmahabhutas 

2. provide it to the body to lower down its excess concentration and thus corrects the imbalance of Panchmahabhutas.

Our Special Diagnostic Tools –

  1. Naad Pariksha
  2. Pressure Point examination.
  3. Kshaar and amla pariksha


For that we should have some knowledge (not information) about basic principles of Ayurveda so that we could make correct choices.

Present era is of information and marketing , so much of information is present on net that we can’t differentiate what is correct and what is wrong especially about AYURVEDA and herbal.

Universe is made up of five basic elements called PANCH- MAHABHUTAS . Earth ( Pruthvi), Water ( Jal), Fire ( Tej) , Air ( Vaayu) and Space ( Aakash).

BALANCE in these Mahabhutas maintain Nature. But imbalance in these Mahabhutas lead to natural calamities like earthquake, cyclone etc. Nature tries to maintain this balance by making changes to restore balance in mahabhutas. For example- In summer season HEAT increases, when heat increases alot by the end of season, then nature pours down water and the season changes to rainy season and nature thus maintains its balance.

On same principles, our body is also made up of these basic five elements. Balance in these mahabhutas is HEALTH. And imbalance in these mahabhutas causes DISEASE. Our rishis studied what impact these changes in nature has on our body , and advised a set of SEASONAL changes in diet and routine called as HRITUCHARYA following which we could keep mahabhutas in our body in balance and enjoy Health.

NATURE changes itself to maintain balance in mahabhutas . So with change in nature, if we will follow the changes advised by our rishis i.e. HRITUCHARYA , then we too will be able to maintain balance in mahabhutas in our body and thus remain HEALTHY.

IMMUNITY is nothing but remaining HEALTHY. So this HRITUCHARYA can be coined in today’s term as immunity. Immunity can’t be just a tablet or kadha which will keep you healthy, it has to be a full diet and lifestyle guideline according to seasonal change.

AYURVEDA is a science and it brings immense joy and respect towards those enlightened rishis who have framed so much detailed health design for us. Its our ignorence that we don’t follow their advices and keep on running after shortcuts and inviting dozens of disease.

NATURE also helps us in all possible ways to maintain health. It provide us with those fruits and vegetables which will help maintain balance / health in that season. For example- in summer season, there is alot of heat in environment, water is lost through perspiration… nature provides us with all juicy , pulpy fruits in this season .In rainy season, appetite is less and there is alot water in nature so nature stops providing fruits. So health can’t be achieved by eating everything in all seasons ( as now a days , everything , is grown forcibly and made available in all seasons)…..but health is achieved by changing according to season and accepting what is provided by nature in that season.

Such are the wonders of NATURE and AYURVEDA , who are providing everything to keep us healthy. But we run after advertisements , shortcuts and some magic immunity pills.

So immunity is following HRITUCHARYA and eating seasonal food.

Now you know, immunity boosters can’t be same for all seasons. LIFE IS CHANGE .So if we too keep changing our lifestyle in tune with nature……immunity will be high always.

I hope you could gather a wider perspective about looking at immnity from this article. And this knowledge will help you in making correct choices.

I will write down in detail about these HRITUCHARYAS told by ayurveda in my coming blogs soon.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay blessed


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