Who will look after your health in old age ? (Home Remedy No.-4) Blog – 26

Ever wondered who is going  to look after you in your old age?
Children, property, money ? 

These all might be there or might not be. there?
But DISEASES are sure to accompany you in your old age.

As Ayurveda says that old age has predominance of VAAT diseases like arthritis, pain in joints, swelling of joints, constipation, loss of aapetite.

So THE REAL COMPANION of your old age is GARLIC.

As garlic has all the properties which will keep you away from all these Vaat diseases if consumed regularly and properly. 

Anything consumed wrongly is bad for health. Same is for garlic.

So garlic should never be eaten regularly in raw form. 

You should always make a chutney of of garlic and consume it in lunch and dinner.

So hope you start making garlic your companion.

Stay Healthy …Stay Blessed.

Oil – The Pain Killer of Rainy Days (Home Remedy No. – 03) Blog.- 23

Ayurveda states that, in rainy season VAAT increases and VAAT creates all kinds of pains- joint pain, body pain, pain in abdomen

So the Painkiller of rainy season is – OIL

  • So if you have pain with some kind of swelling then apply oil with warm properties like VISHGARBH OIL or Mustard oil.
  • If you have pain during walking or pain during movement with weakness then apply oil which has strengthening properties like MAHANARAYAN OIL , CHANDAN BALA TAIL .
  • Apply oil to the affected part ,do a very soft massage and then give hot fermentation.
  • Also put one drop or two drops of tail /oil in the naval area, massage little and go off to sleep.

Even consuming oil in this season is advised by ayurveda so if you’re not suffering from any major diseases like hypertension or cholesterol or obesity then oil is very good for this season.

So you can consume fried food ( anyways we get tempted to eat BHAJIS ) in this season.

So our Painkiller for the rainy season is OIL.
Hope you liked our video and stay tuned for more home remedies on our blogsite – Treasures of Ayurveda.

Stay Healthy……. Stay Blessed

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