Dry Ginger Powder – Healer against Rainy Diseases. (Home Remedy No. – 02) Blog.- 21

As rain is increasing so are diseases of rain especially stomach pain, joint pain and cold.
So the Home Remedy is

Dry Ginger Powder

  • So if you are having stomach pain then take Sunth powder (Dry Ginger powder) mix it with jaggery make tablets and have it before meals.
  • If you’re suffering from a lot of cold and blocked sinuses then take Sunth (Dry Ginger powder) powder in a pan, heat it and inhale the fumes through your nose.
  • If you have joint pain because the coldness of the rains then apply Dry Sunth Powder(Dry Ginger powder) to all your joints which are painting at bedtime.

So isn’t Sunth i.e. Dry ginger a wonder for rainy season.

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Stay Healthy ….Stay Blessed

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