DO YOU KNOW SCIENCE BEHIND CHATURMAAS ? (Health Mantra – 02) Blog – 30.

Do you know that there is science behind all festivals and rituals?

“Chaturmaas also has science behind it ?”

In early days ,according to “ Varna System” only Brahmins knew all the Shatra (Knowledge /Science).So to maintain health and well being of other varnya people who never read shastra…..Shatra teachings were told with Dharma and people were asked to follow Dharma.

So that all  people followed dharma and indirectly followed shatra and remained healthy.

So what is science behind Chaturmas ?

Chatu means– 4 four and Maas means – month

Chaturmas means 4 months of rainy days.

Chaturmas marks the start of rainy day. As rain starts on different dates in different states so the chaturmas dates vary in all states.

According to ayurveda, our digestion is governed by sun.In rainy days, sun most of the time is covered with clouds. So in rainy days, our digestive power is poor/ weak..

If we consume heavy to digest food or large quantity food in this season, then as digestive power is less , we tend to fall sick with cough, cold ,loose motion ,vomiting etc.

So the science behind chaurmas is

          “Do fasting in Chaturmas”

Fasting /upwas means- Eat light food , Eat less quantity food.

So it we eat light and less quantity food then our digestive power remains good and so does our health .

Therefore almost all the fasts of the year are kept by dharma in rainy days so that we follow them and indirectly follow science and thus remain healthy .

So Health Mantra no – 2 is “Do fasting in rainy days to remain healthy” .

But fasting should be done properly to avail it benefits .“ How to do fasting?” will be discussed in our next blog.

Till then keep discovering science behind rituals and festivals ….

Stay HEALTHY , Stay BLESSED.                 

Dry Ginger Powder – Healer against Rainy Diseases. (Home Remedy No. – 02) Blog.- 21

As rain is increasing so are diseases of rain especially stomach pain, joint pain and cold.
So the Home Remedy is

Dry Ginger Powder

  • So if you are having stomach pain then take Sunth powder (Dry Ginger powder) mix it with jaggery make tablets and have it before meals.
  • If you’re suffering from a lot of cold and blocked sinuses then take Sunth (Dry Ginger powder) powder in a pan, heat it and inhale the fumes through your nose.
  • If you have joint pain because the coldness of the rains then apply Dry Sunth Powder(Dry Ginger powder) to all your joints which are painting at bedtime.

So isn’t Sunth i.e. Dry ginger a wonder for rainy season.

So hope you like this tip and do keep connected with us on Treasures of Ayurveda for more home remedies.

Stay Healthy ….Stay Blessed

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