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Our today’s topic is – Fissure and Piles

Fissure and Piles are very troublesome and painful diseases as they hamper our daily activities. And if bleeding starts from fissure and piles then the trouble doubles and leads to lot of weakness too.

So let us understand

Who are more prone to having fissure and piles?

People who consume spicy food, non veg and those who are constipated ,they suffer more from this disease.

How to prevent these diseases?

1) Avoid getting constipated.

2) Follow “HEALTH MANTRA”of summer season.

The link of HEALTH MANTRA video named Immunity booster for october- Coconut is shared  below ,do watch the video

So ‘HEALTH MANTRA’ for summer is –

“Eat Sweet, White, Watery, Coconut and Boiled food to avoid diseases of summer season.

So what to eat?

  • Eat food which is white in colour like rice, coconut etc.
  • Eat white fruits like apple, guava, banana, custard apple etc as white things are coolant.
  • In diet have more of milk and milk products likes ghee, buttermilk, makkhan i.e butter.
  • Avoid oily and spicy food esp green chilli, pepper, ginger, garlic.

In summer season if you don’t follow HEALTH MANTRA and eat lot of spicy food likes raw green chillies in form of chutney, sandwich, pani puri then bleeding starts from fissure and piles.

How to stop this bleeding?

Simple home remedy is –

ONION – Roast onion on the stove with the peels then take out the peels and consume it or have onion with curd. This remedy immediately stops bleeding from fissure and piles.

What diet changes to do if you get fissure and/or piles ?

1) Completely stop green chillies, pepper, ginger, garlic.

2) Consume a lot of buttermilk in both meals.

3) Eat SURAN vegetable. i.e. Elephant yam atleast 2-3 times in a week.

Before making SURAN vegetable, soak suran in buttermilk for an hour then wash it with warm water. As suran contains alot of calcium oxalates it should be soaked in buttermilk to remove oxalates. Eating suraj in raw form causes throat, tongue irritation and increases chances of joint pain as well as kidney stone.

4. Avoid eating green leafy vegetables and salads as fibres in them rub against pile mass and fissure and thus aggregates pain.

If you are constipated – to relief constipation consume 1 cup milk or 1 cup warm water added with 1 teaspoon of ghee or one teaspoon of almond oil before meals. This relieves constipation and flatus, as well as soothens anal skin and thus eases irritation and burning in anal area.

5. Every day in the morning and at night consume 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder or 2 tablets of Triphala on empty stomach with warm water.

All these home remedies will act as preventive measures against fissure and piles or will relieve your symptoms of fissure and piles.
But still you need to consult a doctor to treat the root cause.

In panchakarma,a therapy called KSHARSUTRA cuts the pile mass from the base and thus removes it completely.

So do take advantage of Ayurveda to stay completely away from fissure and piles.

And follow health mantra and home remedies to prevent as well as cure fissure and piles. Hope you benefit from our home remedies.

Stay connected with us for more home remedies.

Till then Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

How to do fasting? (HEALTH MANTRA – 04) BLOG – 32

In last blog we learnt the meaning of upwaas , UP means- inside and VAAS means – to go.

UPVAAS means “To go inside ourself and meditate on internal power/atma/ god .”

So the real motive of upvaas is “to achieve mental peace by meditation”.

During Upavaas along with mental peace body  peace should also be achieved.

Body peace means giving a break to your digestive system so that it does its pending work, purifies itself and gets revived.

Same ways like how we take a weekly break to do our pending work and get relaxed.

Ayurveda calls it “Langhan”. Langhan means not eating anyting the whole day.

Due to langhan our digestive system which is working continuously gets a break.

But most of us can’t do langhan so you should at least eat light food on the day of fasting .

But we make variety of upvaas receipes  and eat double .

                 Ekadashi  Dupaat khashi

i.e. instead of giving break to digestion we give it double work .

So instead of health we end up in all kinds of PITTAH diseases like acidity, pain in abdomen, headache etc.

So our Health Mantra – 04 is – “How to do upvaas?

On day of upvaas we should not eat things which increase PITTAH but you will say khichadi is advised in upwaas …….No , Not Khichadi…..Sabudaana is advised in upwaas .

Sabudana is white in colour , anything which is white is coolant ,it never increases pittah.

So,the real culprit of acidity during upavaas is groundnut and green chillies which we put in in khichadi.

They increases pittah and eating khichadi on empty stomach whole day further by evening or next next day causes all pittha diseases .

So on day of fasting we should eat light food as well food which decrease PITTAH like sabudaana kheer, milk and fruits. They nourish  our body , are light to digest and decrease PITTAHas well.

So answer to – How to do upvaas is .

  • Do meditation as much time possible
  • Eat light food
  • Eat PITTAH shamak food ie food which decreases pittah .

So science behind upvaas is “ Give break to digestion and meditate”.


Like how we take Sunday off ….do our pending work, cleaning and relax so that we become refreshed for next week work.

Sameways ,we should give our mind and body a break so that they get purified ,revived and ready to work the next week .

So lets start fasting scientifically atleast once a week.

Till next blog….meditate and fast

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed.

Who will look after your health in old age ? (Home Remedy No.-4) Blog – 26

Ever wondered who is going  to look after you in your old age?
Children, property, money ? 

These all might be there or might not be. there?
But DISEASES are sure to accompany you in your old age.

As Ayurveda says that old age has predominance of VAAT diseases like arthritis, pain in joints, swelling of joints, constipation, loss of aapetite.

So THE REAL COMPANION of your old age is GARLIC.

As garlic has all the properties which will keep you away from all these Vaat diseases if consumed regularly and properly. 

Anything consumed wrongly is bad for health. Same is for garlic.

So garlic should never be eaten regularly in raw form. 

You should always make a chutney of of garlic and consume it in lunch and dinner.

So hope you start making garlic your companion.

Stay Healthy …Stay Blessed.

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