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Do you love stories?

Everyone loves stories as stories have moral and they motivate us as well teach us varies lessons about life.

Every story in Vedas has moral behind it for example Mahabharata. Every aspect, every character of Mahabharat teaches us various lessons about each walk of life.

So let us enquiry into what can be the moral behind “Krishna Janmashtami story” ?

Krishna represents “Atma/ Brahma” and

Krishna Janm i.e. birth of Krishna symbolises with Self-realization.


Let us try to understand the philosophical perspective behind Krishna Janmashtami.

In the story, Devki and Nand are described as caged into darkness tied in chains.

Here cage/ prison symbolises “Ignorance” and chains as bondages of lust ,greed ,desires and especially Ego. Means we are caged in this ignorant world with bondages of desires, ego and ignorance.

Later in the story ,Devki and Nand after going through alot of hardship and struggle give birth to 8 children who eventually die.

This hardship of eight children symbolises with “Ashtang Yog” i.e. to come out of the chains and prison of the world we must follow the hardship path of “Ashtang Yog” i.e. Yam, Niyam, Asan ,Pranayam ,Pratyahar, Dhyan, Dharana and Samadhi.

Then in the story Krishna is born and the chains fall off and prison door opens.

This symbolises that after Krishna birth i.e. after self-realization the bondages of five senses fall off and internal door opens to free us from ignorant external world.

Later in the story when Krishna travels out of prison…… the night is full of rains and thunderstorm.

This signifies that during process of self realisation there is a lot of turbulence of thoughts, emotions and desires in the mind.

But when Krishna steps foot in turbulent water everything settles down this shows that after self-realization the mind becomes calm and quiet.

So the moral of the story is- “The path to self realisation it’s full of hardship but the end fruit is complete BLISS”.

In our previous Health Mantra we discuss that from chaturmas Lord Krishna goes in YOG NIDRA which symbolically initiates us to start meditating and then Krishna Janm ( Birth of Krishna) in chaturmas motivate us to continue our meditation.

So our Health Mantra number- 06 is

“Start meditating from chaturmas so that you experience the birth of Lord Krishna inside you i.e. you experience self realisation.”

In our next blog we will discuss about Hartalika.

Till then ……Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

Thank you.

Doing fast for mental peace (hEALTH maNTRA- 03) bLOG – 29

In last blog we discussed that doing fast /upwas keeps us healthy.

But if fast is not done properly then instead of health we land up in diseases.

So let us understand first “What is the real meaning of word “Upwas”ie fasting ?

Upwaas means….Up – Inside and Vaas-Going

Upvaas means “Going inside ourself and meditating on internal power/God/Aatma.

Almost all the upvaas of the year come in these four rainy months of CHATURMAAS.


Because science was told in the form of dharma for everyone to follow and remain healthy.

Dharma says that Lord Vishnu goes in deep “Yognidra”in these four months.

It symbolically initiates us to start doing meditation.

In ancient days , in rainy season not much of outside work used to be there for people so sitting at home people would become idle and will eat more and fall sick or become lazy.

To avoid this, it was told by Dharma that do fasting and meditation.

As fasting keeps us alert and healthy and thus helps in meditation.

Following dharma people started doing upvaas and remained healthy as well achieved mental peace by meditating.

So the actual motto behind fasting was to achieve mind peace through meditation but we don’t do all this during fasting .

We just hurriedly  visit temple ,take  darshan and eat heavy upwaas varieties.

We neither meditate in house nor in temple .

So with time real motto of upwaas is forgotten.

Let us revive the science behind fasting .

On the day of fast, let’s start meditating for sometime, so gradually by the end of Chaturmaas , by meditating with fasting , we would achieve fruits of mental peace.

So hope you fast doing upwaas with meditation in this chaturmaas and achieve MENTAL PEACE.

In our next blog, we will discuss how to do Upwaas / Fasting without falling sick.

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Till then Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed.


Dr. Mansi Kirpekar, Ayurvedacharya

Seeing present health conditions we are reminded of the basic law of ecosystem…..Survival of the fittest.

Human being are also a part of ecosystem so the law applies to us too.
A species of ecosystem…virus…is attacking human species….so to survive we must be THE FITTEST of the two.

So the answer to this pandemic is….Survival of fittest.

So we should be physically and most important MENTALLY at our fittest to survive.

The virus is following the rules of ecosystem…it is changing its strains…to become stronger and survive.

Then we should also be ready to CHANGE and become stronger to survive.

Changing to Physical and mental fitness is answer for survival.

Physical fitness is simple but mental fitness is challenging.

Achieving Physical fitness-

  • Early to bed early to rise…6 am…basic law of ecosystem keeps your body clock perfect
  • Exercising in the morning helps boost the circulation to all systems and remove out toxins
  • Eat healthy, fresh food, avoid food with preservatives….the more you are with the nature, the more it helps you survive.
  • Follow sun clock, 8am breakfast , 12 noon lunch and dinner before sunset. Sun gives energy for whole ecosystem to survive. Our digestion is governed by sun’s clock too. So follow sunclock.
  • Eat LIGHT dinners as sun’s energy is not there to help in our digestion plus with lockdown our life has become alot sedentary.
  • Eat FRESH fruits and dryfruits for breakfast.
  • Eat Fibre and protein rich meals. Take 200 gms salads for lunch and dinner….fibres keep your bowel movements proper.
  • Don’t eat STALE food….if you don’t want to waste food then cook less and eat less than eating stale food. Stale food has lost all its nutrients plus it has no biopower left so its heavy to digest.

Mind rules the body. So mind fitness is more important. Mind keeps your appetite and immunity high.

CHANGES for Mental fitness-

Most important is don’t fear the name. If your test comes positive….don’t panic…its just a FLU….in a war you can’t be weakened by the name of the enemy.

  • If you fear…your appetite becomes less and indirectly your immunity goes down …so instead TAKE REST AND EAT HEALTHY FOOD.
    Rest and food is going to help your body build immunity and win the war.
  • Take help of NATURE…i.e. our age old science AYURVEDA…to fight the virus and boost immunity.
  • Do meditation of any form you believe in….as believes and meditation strengthens your mind…and a strong mind wins battles.
  • Spend some time in a hobby ….as hobby soothens your heart…keeps it happy and healthy.
  • Dont quarrel at home….spend happy time with family…it boost all immune systems. Happiness is the ultimate weapon.

So let’s follow laws of ecosystem….

Let’s CHANGE to become physically and mentally FITTEST.
and win against the virus.

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