Moral behind Krishna-Janmashtami story ( Health Mantra- 07) Blog -38

Do you love stories?

Everyone loves stories as stories have moral and they motivate us as well teach us varies lessons about life.

Every story in Vedas has moral behind it for example Mahabharata. Every aspect, every character of Mahabharat teaches us various lessons about each walk of life.

So let us enquiry into what can be the moral behind “Krishna Janmashtami story” ?

Krishna represents “Atma/ Brahma” and

Krishna Janm i.e. birth of Krishna symbolises with Self-realization.


Let us try to understand the philosophical perspective behind Krishna Janmashtami.

In the story, Devki and Nand are described as caged into darkness tied in chains.

Here cage/ prison symbolises “Ignorance” and chains as bondages of lust ,greed ,desires and especially Ego. Means we are caged in this ignorant world with bondages of desires, ego and ignorance.

Later in the story ,Devki and Nand after going through alot of hardship and struggle give birth to 8 children who eventually die.

This hardship of eight children symbolises with “Ashtang Yog” i.e. to come out of the chains and prison of the world we must follow the hardship path of “Ashtang Yog” i.e. Yam, Niyam, Asan ,Pranayam ,Pratyahar, Dhyan, Dharana and Samadhi.

Then in the story Krishna is born and the chains fall off and prison door opens.

This symbolises that after Krishna birth i.e. after self-realization the bondages of five senses fall off and internal door opens to free us from ignorant external world.

Later in the story when Krishna travels out of prison…… the night is full of rains and thunderstorm.

This signifies that during process of self realisation there is a lot of turbulence of thoughts, emotions and desires in the mind.

But when Krishna steps foot in turbulent water everything settles down this shows that after self-realization the mind becomes calm and quiet.

So the moral of the story is- “The path to self realisation it’s full of hardship but the end fruit is complete BLISS”.

In our previous Health Mantra we discuss that from chaturmas Lord Krishna goes in YOG NIDRA which symbolically initiates us to start meditating and then Krishna Janm ( Birth of Krishna) in chaturmas motivate us to continue our meditation.

So our Health Mantra number- 06 is

“Start meditating from chaturmas so that you experience the birth of Lord Krishna inside you i.e. you experience self realisation.”

In our next blog we will discuss about Hartalika.

Till then ……Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

Thank you.


Have you ever wondered if there is any role of festivals in keeping us healthy?

Like today is Nagpanchami ……so is there any SCIENCE behind diet and routine advised on Nagpanchami.

Changes in season brings about changes in our body too but we don’t make changes in diet and routine according to change in season so we fall sick.

So how will we know what changes to make in diet and routine to remain Healthy even during season change?

Therefore our ‘Hrishis’ kept festivals during season change, and they advised what diet and routine to be followed during season change as diet and routine of that Festival.

Surprised… know …..that there science in our culture and festivals too?

So let’s understand What diet and routine is advised on Nagpanchami?

1. Upvaas – as rainy season is still going on.

2.Don’t Cut and Fry.

3. Milk – Pittah Shamak – Kheer, halwa

Upvaas – Our digestion is governed by sun’s clock.In rainy days as sun is covered with clouds most time of day so our digestive power (agni) is weak. If we eat heavy to digest food then we tend to fall sick.So UPAVAAS is advised.

Do do not CUT and FRY– According to Ayurveda September and October is Pittah prakop Kaal means Pittah is  going to increases alot in these month. So as a prevention we are advised to slowly stop eating fried food advised in rainy season.

Milk – Milk we offer to Nagdevta which Symbolically initiates us to start consuming white things as white colour is pittah shamak ie it reduces pittah.

So all things advised on Nagpanchmi are Preventive measures againts october heat .

So our Health Mantra – 05 is

“Start eating white things, do upvaas and reduce eating fried food.”

The diet advised on one festival is not only for that day but that diet and routine should be followed from that festival till next festival.
So follow changes advised on festivals and remain HEALTHY

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

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