Immunity booster for october – coconut , pART – 1.(home Remedy No – 06) blog – 42

In our last Health mantra blog – 08 we have learned that “Hritucharya i.e. changes in diet and routine according to season keeps us Healthy.”

Now October heat is coming. “In Ayurved this season is called SHARAD HRITU”.

So what changes to do in diet and routine in Sharad Hritu?…….. the changes are advised from Narali Pournima i.e. start eating coconut.

 So today’s Home Remedy No – 06 is

“Immunity Booster of October is – COCONUT.”

Coconut has an indispensible part in the Hindu religion and rituals. “It is referred to as shriphal” or divine fruit. Such is the importance given to Coconut. But about religious or philosophical significance of coconut we will study in our coming blogs.

Today on 2nd September on occasion of “WORLD COCONUT DAY.” We are going to study about the health benefits of coconut.

Universal is made up of 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Space and Air.

Coconut grows in “Aakash mahabhut”. So coconut oil has the colour of Aakash i.e. white and others oil seeds like til, sesame they grow in “Pruthvi Mahabhut.” So they have the colour of Pruthvi i.e. Yellow.

Itsn’t nature fascinating. 

Coconut grows in Aakash Mahabhut. So it has more constituents of Aakash. So it works better on parts of body which have more constituents of Aakash.

According to Ayurveda these body part are – Head, Ear, Intestines and Bladder. So lets understands health benefits of coconut to each one of them

1 . HEAD –

Did you ever notice that there is a lot of Smilarity between a coconut and our Head? Coconut has hair, we have hair. It has hard shell, we have skull. The coconut from inside is similar to our brain and water similar to C.S.F. that is a fluid inside our head. That is why, coconut has alot of heath benefits for all the organs of our head.

So with start of October heat ……..

Start eating fresh ripe coconut with sugar in the morning on empty stomach.

So that it balances of Pittah in the body as well as it provides nourishment to Hair, Brain, Eyes and Ears. It is good for hair as well as eyes.

So at bed time we should apply coconut oil to feet and do massage so that our eyes remain cool and remain protected from october heat.

2. EAR –

According to Ayurveda EAR is an “Aakash” Mahabhut dominant organ. So becuase of noise pollution due to TV, mobile, vehicles etc. VAAT increases in Ear and so it leads to a lot of Ear problems like hearing impairement, tinnitus etc. According to Ayurveda, to balance Vaat in ear we should do “KARNA POORAN” with COCONUT OIL.

KARNA POORAN is instilling coconut oil in to Ear.

So once a week we should put 4/4 drops of coconut oil in each ear and lie down for 10 miutes. After 10 minutes when you get up clean your both ears with cotton properly, otherwise if oil remains in ear then it leads to fungal infection.

So in today’s blog we learnt health benefits of coconut for Head and Ear. In our next blog we will learn about its benefits for our Intestine and Bladder.

So till then start eating coconut and remain healthy.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

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