Why Does Ganapatiji Eat Modak and Not Chakali, Chiwda ? (Health Mantra – 09) Blog -47

Have you ever wondered why Ganapatiji eat only modak and not chakali chiwda ?

The question is very interesting so is the answer.

Ganapati festival comes before October heat. And as we have learnt in last blog – The science behind festivals i.e. festivals advice us what changes to do in diet and routine according season change to remain healthy.

Ganapati festival marks the season change from rainy season to summer season. In summer season if we eat fried food like chakali, chiwda then it leads to increasing thurst as well as Pittah in the body.

According to ayurveda, october is Pittah Prakop Kaal i.e. it increases lot of Pittah in the body and leads to Pittah diseases like headache, migraine, fissure, piles, acidity etc.

Ganapati festival advices us what diet changes to do in October to remain healthy.

These are have food which have Pittah Shamak properties that is eat “White, Watery, Sweet, Coconut and boiled food. “

All these qualities are there in Modak. So we offer modak to Ganapatiji as Prasad. Thus Modak symbolically tell us what diet changes to be made in October to remain healthy.

  • White – White means to eat food which in white in colour like milk, milk product like butter milk, curd, paneer, cheese, butter, rice.
  • Watery means juices, sharbats.
  • Sweet means all kind of sweets.
  • Coconut means coconut milk, coconut water, grated coconut, coconut curry.
  • Boiled food.

All these food are Pittah Shamak i.e. they balance Pittah in body and thus keep us healthy in October.

So now you know why ganpatiji eats Modak.

So follow Health Mantra advised by Ganapatiji to remain healthy in October that is

Eat White, Watery, Sweet, Coconut & boiled food.

In our coming blog we will learn various home remedies for October diseases like fissure, piles etc.

So stay tune with us every Monday for new blog and follow the health mantra told by Ganapatiji in October. So till next Monday.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed.

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