Eating Food While Watching T.V and Mobile is Increasing Proneness to Diseases. – Blog – 49

In Treasures of Ayurveda, We are going to give you a different perspective of looking at health which is going to keep you healthy.

So today’s topic is – “Respect food”.

Whole universe is made up of energy. Energy is transformed from one form into another along with information. If energy goes with wrong information then output is wrong. Same applies to food energy too.

We get energy from food we eat.

Food is full of energy and information. It is not a dead thing. The same food is making us everyday. The same food is making each cell of our body. It’s a big magic…. it’s a big transformation.

So Ayurveda calls it YAGYA…that’s a ritual. Because nothing in this whole universe can make you other than food.

No wealth, no material can make you. So we should look at food with a gratitude and respect.
Only making healthy food is not sufficient to remain healthy. But while making and eating food ,there should be correct information in the mind i.e. positive thoughts and vibes. Because those thoughts, vibes in the form of information are going to guide the food energy to get transformed into body cell. So if bad vibes go with food then ofcourse the end result will be bad ….

Nowadays we watch TV , play on mobile , listen to music while eating food… the result is n number of diseases are also increasing like diabetes, cancer and we don’t know the answer to these diseases.

Why this is happening ?
So ayurveda tells you a different perspective ……

That is this miraculous transformation of converting food to body cells should go with correct information.

So ayurveda has told few rules while eating and making food.

  • When we are eating and making food the environment should be calm, positive and pleasent.
  • The MIND should be healthy with good thoughts and positive vibes
  • You should sit down and eat… not standing… not walking.
  • While eating food TV, Mobiles, music… everything should be shut down.
  • PRAYER – You should pray before having food. With the prayer we are sending good , positive information with the food.

So the food with the correct information that”Please God…make me healthy with this food.” is going inside you and making you correctly….i.e. healthy.

If we are not paying attention to food while eating then we suffer different diseases like cancer….cancer cell gets wrong information and one cell gets divided into thousand cells … from where did this faulty information go to the cell? Ofcourse while making and eating food.

So we should not treat food as entertainment.

Food is God. We should respect FOOD.

You tell your food to make you healthy, you send in correct information and you become and remain healthy
So being healthy is in your hand.

Think healthy and be healthy and “Respect Your Food”

So include this perspective in your life and see miracles happening.
Stay tuned with us for more blogs.
Thank you

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