PANCHAKARMA means FIVE KARMAS ( i.e.5 procedures which help re-established the balance in the body and mind. These karmas are – VAMAN ( Induced emesis), VIRECHANA ( Induced purgation), Nasya ( instillation of oil in nostrils to stimulate and recover back imbalance in head, RAKTAMOKAHSAN ( Blood letting out – to remove toxins present in blood) and BASTI ( enema of kadha or /and oil)

Lets understand PANCHAKARMA with some daily examples-

  1. If the food cooked in the kitchen of house is proper in quality and hygiene then the health of all family members remain good ….right ….on same basis …if the food we eat is properly digested by our digestive system then all organs, mind and body remain healthy.

2) We keep our kitchen clean everyday….as well maintain hygiene to remain healthy…..on same basis …our body too keeps itsself clean by excreting toxins and waste from various systems like urine, stool and sweat.

3) With all cleanliness and hygiene maintained everyday still some dust , greesy sticky dirt gets accumulated in nooks and corners….which we need to clean once a year ….on same basis …everyday digestion , metabolism and excretion removes toxins from body ….but still some remain accumulated in cells, tissues , organs ….which should be cleaned once a year to keep body functioning well.

4) If we don’t clean kitchen from nooks and corners atleast once a year…then the stagnated dirt become birth place of insects, fungus and n number of germs…which slowly conquer kitchen and become reason of illhealth in family……on same basis….if we dont clean our body off toxins once a year then over a period of time the accumulated toxins extend and hamper our digestion, metabolism and excretion process …and lead us to all kinds of diseases due to decreased immunity.

So it is advisable to get body detoxed and mind destressed once a year to bring it to updated version…..

Even a car or machine needs maintenance twice a year…..to keep it going efficienty…..and to increase its life….then why are we not doing it to our body?

So take benefit of these unique body detoxification procedures inovated through the wisdom of our enlightened hrishis.

The order of the PANCHAKARMAS IS


These are detoxifying karmas …other than these there are few karmas which help strenthen and lubricate body to keep it going smoothly.

1) ABHYANG ( oiling of full body followed by mardan i.e. massage)-

Skin has the largest surface area so taking advantage of these if medicated oils are massaged through skin…a large amount of medicines go in circulation faster so results are shown faster like in patients or people having skin diseases or nerve and muscle weakness….it was a very good way of administration of medicine thought about by our nacient hrishis…hats off to them.

2) STHANIK BASTI ( Hot oil reservoir is made on joints like knee, neck back, spine etc )

If we keep machines , cars, hinges of doors or any joints lubricated properly…their wear and tear lessens and they function smoothly and for long time…same is the case with our body joints and body as a machine…if we lubricate it with oil regularly it’s wear and tear lessens and they remain healthy ….


It is said that all mental acivities are controlled as well maintained by a small centre inside our head….behind the centre of eyebrows….called as YOGIK CHAKRA ( can be coined as pituitary gland according to modern medicine terminology). If this chakra is kept balanced then mental and physical health remains in balance.

It is achieved with yoga and pranayam…as well with this Shirodhara procedure. This procedure gives benefit of mental relaxation as well benefits head and hair diseases.


Ayurveda has used all forms of hot fomentation as means of treament and pondered mankind with its all wonderful results.

Steam – Steam opens clogged pores and penetrates deep in the skin. Taking benefit of this property of steam ayurveda has advocated medicated steam bath so the herbs enter deep in skin cells and gives results faster improving complexion and texture of skin.

Pottali swed- medicated herb or rice pottali is used to massage body so that the oil as well water soluble nutrients coming in direct contact with skin gets absorbed because of its hot temperature. This is called ELKAZI and NAVARKAZI in kerala.

Ayurveda is a way of life. So it has always advised preventive ways i.e. ways to keep health and not fall sick.

Panchakarma is a very important PREVENTIVE HEALTH TOOL gifted by Ayurveda to mankind.

  • It thus not only detoxifes and strengthens the body but as well increases immunity.
  • Plus one important benefit is it helps keep away from LIFESTYLE diseases .
  • Autoimmune diseases , hereditary diseases and few of cancers are triggered because of lifestyle ansome aggrevating factors ….but if body is kept health and clean then the chances of triggering diseases because of any irritating as well aggrevating factor is lessened to minimum.
  • So let us take advantage of this age old wisdom of our hrishis…..PANCHAKARMA.

Stay Heathy, Stay blessed.


Recently heard alot about ” Dopamin detox” as how abstinence from desire and devices will lead to setting mind in balance, refreshed and rejuvenated. So being an Ayurveda practitioner i wanted to bring Ayurveda perspective into light about this.

Ages before our hrishis knew that controlling senses can lead to great health benefits so they added many scientific ideas of keeping health to our tradition and named them as DHARMA. Dharma litterally means a person’s riteous duty towards his body , mind, family and society.

Many concepts of once a day fasting, once a month fasting , shravan fasting (one month fasting) , chaaturmaas ( four month fasting) were started with an idea of mind and body detox. So you stay away from food and desires and spend time in temple. Temple was a place outside the village, away from everyone, with peace, cool envirnment inside to spend the day in devine thoughts.

But when you are ill or due to irregular routines , stress ….. body accumulates toxins inside so in such a situation only fasting will not help…….so our rishis formulated PANCHAKARMA. In panchakarma you achieve mind as well as body detox.

In panchakarma, you stay in isolated places near to nature in clean clear environment, away from devices so mind detox is achieved. For 15 days you are served only health food and only in the amount required for surviving so your body detox starts.


In PANCHAKARMA, your digestive system is used for purification….suppose a machine is to be put on for purification mode then its basic function should be stopped…..in same ways….if your digestive system is to be used for purification…then its everyday eating should be minimised to eating only that much food which is required to survive….then only our digestive system will get time to remove out toxins.

In first 15 days (purification part of Panchakarma) , basic food is given, medicinal ghee is given in large amount which will work for removing toxins from body. Patients is asked to follow abstinence and no desires and devices. Anything which increases your food requirement is also avoided like even exercise is avoided.

In next 15 days ( strengthening part of Panchakarma), you are given healthy diet and taught all forms of yoga and meditation and medicated ghee for strengthening body is given….this is called RASAYAN which increases your body and mind strength and vigour.

So Panchakarma proves to be benefiting a person with dopamin detox as well body purification and strengthening

Stay health, Stay happy, Stay Blessed.

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