How to do fasting? (HEALTH MANTRA – 04) BLOG – 32

In last blog we learnt the meaning of upwaas , UP means- inside and VAAS means – to go.

UPVAAS means “To go inside ourself and meditate on internal power/atma/ god .”

So the real motive of upvaas is “to achieve mental peace by meditation”.

During Upavaas along with mental peace body  peace should also be achieved.

Body peace means giving a break to your digestive system so that it does its pending work, purifies itself and gets revived.

Same ways like how we take a weekly break to do our pending work and get relaxed.

Ayurveda calls it “Langhan”. Langhan means not eating anyting the whole day.

Due to langhan our digestive system which is working continuously gets a break.

But most of us can’t do langhan so you should at least eat light food on the day of fasting .

But we make variety of upvaas receipes  and eat double .

                 Ekadashi  Dupaat khashi

i.e. instead of giving break to digestion we give it double work .

So instead of health we end up in all kinds of PITTAH diseases like acidity, pain in abdomen, headache etc.

So our Health Mantra – 04 is – “How to do upvaas?

On day of upvaas we should not eat things which increase PITTAH but you will say khichadi is advised in upwaas …….No , Not Khichadi…..Sabudaana is advised in upwaas .

Sabudana is white in colour , anything which is white is coolant ,it never increases pittah.

So,the real culprit of acidity during upavaas is groundnut and green chillies which we put in in khichadi.

They increases pittah and eating khichadi on empty stomach whole day further by evening or next next day causes all pittha diseases .

So on day of fasting we should eat light food as well food which decrease PITTAH like sabudaana kheer, milk and fruits. They nourish  our body , are light to digest and decrease PITTAHas well.

So answer to – How to do upvaas is .

  • Do meditation as much time possible
  • Eat light food
  • Eat PITTAH shamak food ie food which decreases pittah .

So science behind upvaas is “ Give break to digestion and meditate”.


Like how we take Sunday off ….do our pending work, cleaning and relax so that we become refreshed for next week work.

Sameways ,we should give our mind and body a break so that they get purified ,revived and ready to work the next week .

So lets start fasting scientifically atleast once a week.

Till next blog….meditate and fast

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed.

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