Science behind Basti Panchakarma – Blog – 58

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In last Blog we learnt about panchakarma, its various types – Vaman and Virechan in detail. In today’s Blog we will learn about BASTI CHIKITSA.

Generally , Basti is perceived as something which clears ones bowels.

Is that the sole role of BASTI ? No.

Do you think ayurveda will give so much of importance to a therapy whose role is to only clear your bowels.

Ofcourse not.

Basti has a well established science behind it.

So in today’s blog we are going to learn

What is the science behind BASTI CHIKITSA?

Ayurveda considers basti as “half treatment”.

Means if a patient come to us for treatment , then with only basti treatment we can cure patient upto 50%. and for the remaining 50% result we need the help other karma’s, medicine, diet, exercise.

Such is the importance given by  Ayurveda to  basti treatment.

So before understanding the science behind the basti treatment we should have a glimpse at our digestive system.

When we eat food , it’s digestion starts from the mouth. As the food descends downwards into the stomach , it gets mixed with different gastric juices and liver enzymes. The main function of absorption of nutrition from food takes place in the intestine- large intestine as well as small intestine. Absorbed nutrients from the food along with blood goes to the whole body and thus our body gets nourishment.

So the important fact to remember here is – Absorption takes place in the intestine. This principle was used by our hrishi’s in formulating the Basti Chikitsa.

Food needs a three hour digestion process so that it gets converted to a form through which body can absorb nutrients. But a medicine doesn’t required 3 hours digestion process to be absorbed into the blood. So to cut short this 3 hours process and reach intestine directly our Hrishis formulated BASTI Chikitsa,

Medicines in the form of kadhas or ghee were used to insert into the large intestine with the help of a BASTI YANTRA so that medicine gets absorbed into the blood within seconds.And thus a medical emergency treatment came into existance in those ancient days….hence BASTI chikitsa had such inportance.

You must be astonished to know the science behind basti treatment.

Our hrishi’s need to be saluted for discovering such Novel, emergency treatment modality called Basti Chikitsa in those days.

All Panchakarmas and medicine of Ayurveda have science behind it. It is called a Siddhant.

Siddhant – Siddha + Anth

Siddha means something which is proven and anth means it is the end. Means it is the truth which is proven and its not going to change. All the Siddhant told in ayurveda are very unique and are truths of Life.

If we dont understand these Siddhants then it might be because we have not made efforts to find details , study it or we are not intelligent to understand it. But saying that Ayurveda is not science , is all bullshit . We should study, investigate and learn the science first.

Ayurveda is time-tested science which is true even today. So we should pay respect to Ayurveda and start learning it. I am playing my small role in propogating  ayurveda by telling science behind Ayurveda, you do yours.

In next blog we will learn about basti karma in details like types, advantages etc.

Do follow our blog treasures of Ayurveda.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

Thank you


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