Immunity Booster For October – Coconut (Part – 2) (Home Remedy No – 07) Blog – 44

In our last blog October Immunity booster – COCONUT (part – 1) we learnt that Coconut grows in “Aakash Mahabhuts” i.e. space so it has more constituents of “Aakash Mahabhut” and so it works extremely good or works wonders on parts of the body which have dominance of “Aakaash mahabhut”. These are HEAD, EAR, INTESTINES and BLADDER.

In last blog we learnt about benefits of coconut for HEAD and EAR. In this blog we are learning how coconut is beneficial for INTESTINE and BLADDER? 

Coconut is white in colour and has good content of fiber and water. So it balances Pittah and water in body .

So in October heat we should eat coconut in 3 forms.


1. GRATED COCONUT – Start eating coconut in meals every day. Coconut has high fiber content so it doesn’t increase cholesterol and triglyceride if it is eaten along with fibers i.e. in raw form. But when we start extracting oil from it and use oil in cooking then it accumulates in the blood and so our cholesterol , trigylceides and other lipids start increasing.

So in October start eating raw form grated coconut in diet, as it’s high fiber content helps in digestion and keeps bowel movement good .

2. COCONUT WATER – In october ,due to heat and alot of sweating the water electrolyte balance in body gets disturbed and we fall sick with Loose Motion, Acidity, Urine Burning, Migraine, Headache and number of diseases. So to prevent diseases or to cure them ayurveda advices that we should drink coconut water of ripe coconut. 

Ayurveda says that no fruit should be eaten in raw form.

So Ayurveda doesn’t advise drinking coconut water of unripe coconut which we get on streets.

So in october we should consume coconut water of ripe coconut everyday. It has good balance of electrolytes in it so it maintains water and electrolyte equilibrium in our body and we remain Healthy.

3. COCONUT MILK – Coconut milk is coolant and balances Pittah in body. So we should be consumed Coconut milk in different recepies like Solkadhi, different curries etc.

So guys now you know that to combact october heat we shuold use Coconut in diet in varied forms.

  • In morning on empty stomach consume grated coconut with raisins and sugar.
  • rink coconut water and coconut milk of ripe coconut everyday.

That is why it is told in Ganpati to start eating Modak beacause it is also made up of Coconut.     

So start eating October immunity booster – coconut everyday remain healthy.

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