Have you wondered. What is real IMMUNUTY ?

IMMUNITY is anything which prevent diseases. like exercise, healthy food, healthy routine.  

In Ayurveda all this is called Dincharya.

“Din means Day and charya means lifestyle. ie ideal lifestyle.”

But even after following ideal lifestyle we fall sick with change in season. Why?

Because we don’t change our routine and diet with change in season. In ayurveda changes in diet and routine are describe in detail under the heading “Hritucharya.”

“Hritu means Season and Charya means lifestyle.”

When is the cold outside we wear woolen clothes. But what about other diet and routine changes we don’t make changes in diet and routine according to season so fall sick.

So if by following Hritucharya we can prevent diseases. So is today’s terminology we can say Hritucharya is IMMUNITY BOOSTER.

So IMMUNITY BOOSTER is not a churn or powder or tablet. But IMMUNITY BOOSTER is complete change in diet and routine according to season. Isn’t it fascinating

So of course immunity booster would be different for each season.

In Ayurveda six Hrituchrya are describe to six seasons.

We will be disscussing it in a coming videos.

So today’s Health Mantra – 08

“Following Hritucharya is the real IMMUNITY BOOSTER”.

So in our next video will discuss about “Immunity booster for October Heat”

Stay healthy, Stay Blessed.

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