Narali Pournima – Start eating Coconut to remain healthy (Health Mantra -06) Blog -36

In our past videos we learnt that if our Immunity is good we remain healthy .And to keep immunity good we must change lifestyle according to season change .

What seasonal changes should be made in diet and routine are told by Festivals.

How ?

That is discussed in our last Health mantra no – 05 video . The link of that video is given at the end of this blog.

So if we follow lifestyle changes told by festivals then we remain healthy. But those changes should not be followed only during that festival. But lifestyle changes should be imbibed from that festival till next festival.

So our todays topic is “From Naarali Pournima start eating coconut and remain healthy.

How ?

Well to understand this, we must inquire into the Science behind Narali Pournima.

When does Naarali Pournima come ?

On Pournima of Shravan, when rainy season is about to end and october heat is going to start.

So what changes we should do in lifestyle ?

We should slowly stop Varsha/rainy lifestyle of hot, spicy and fried food and change to Sharad Hritu /October heat lifestyle.

So what is Sharad Hritu /October heat lifestyle?

That is told on festival Naarali pournima.

On Naarali Pournima we are advised to eat sugar, rice and coconut.

Things advised on festivals symbolically tells us what changes to do.

Like COCONUT symbolically tells us to eat White, Sweet and things with lot of water in it as these reduces Pittah as well Vaat.

Let’s understand these symbolical language in a bit detail.

  • White  Things –  White  color is coolant. So white things reduce Pittah in the body. Therefore start consuming white things like rice, milk, milk products, coconut etc.
  • Sweet things – Sweet things decrease Vaat as well Pittah in the body. So slowly increase eating sweet foods like sugar, jaggery etc and natural sweet like Fruits. Fruits are sweet, sour as well contain water so it reduces Vaat as well Pittah .
  • Things with more water content – like butter milk, fruits, Juices, sharbat, coconut water etc as October heat is going to disturb your water balance in body.

So our Health Mantra – 06 is

“ Stop eating Rainy diet ie spicy, hot, fried and slowly start eating Summer diet ie White, Watery and Sweet.”

Coconut has all above properties. It is fruit, sweet, watery and white. So it balances Vaat as well Pittah and keeps you healthy .

So from Naarali Pournima start eating coconut everyday in diet in varied forms to remain healthy.

So start following Festival Lifestyle to remain healthy and start following us to know new Health Mantra.

Our next Health Mantra will be science behind Janmashtmi.

So till next week.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed .      

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