You would wonder how could sleeplessness be a problem?

Well if you don’t get sleep for one two days then it’s okay….but if it extends beyond that then it’s a big problem. Imagine everybody at home is fast asleep in their beautiful dreams and you’re struggling… trying to bring sleep. You tried all the ways ….all the means…. reading books, applying lotions, meditating and no use …

Then you understand that …….Sleep is very important and

Sleep is indeed a BLESSING
as you can’t force sleep to come.

In lockdown many people are facing sleeplessness.There are many reasons to it …..few being

  1. More physical work or No work-

More physical work because no maids are, you have to do all your work by yourself.
No physical work in the sense …….you have to sit on one place….. there’s no traveling only work from home ,school from home.
2. Too much of mental tensions

Because no job /no work or too much of pressure on job because of meeting targets and fear of losing jobs.

3. Third and important is too much of SCREEN exposure

In lockdown, people are spending a lot of time on mobile laptop doing work or for entertainment
so because of too much of screen time the light and motion of videos your mind becomes too alert and too restless .

So all these reasons are causing sleeplessness.

How to fight this sleeplessness ?

  • First if no exertion then….. do at least 40 minutes exercise in the evenings.
  • If too much or over exertion….. then do head and feet massage at bedtime.
  • Third ayurveda says that if KAPHA DOSHA increases in the body then you get a good sleep.So you can drink milk …..as milk increases cough in the body….so drinking milk with a pinch of NUTMEG at bedtime induces sleep.

Special home remedies are

KHUSKHUS i.e. poppy seeds which are used in indian spices has very good sedative property so you can make KHEER or porridge of it and have it at night

Second is turmeric…….turmeric has all the names of a night i.e. its synonyms are given as synonyms of night like nisha ,rajni.….because it works wonders on diseases of night i.e. nocturnal diseases .So if you have sleeplessness then a pinch of TURMERIC in buffalo’s milk at bedtime
works wonder

Panchakarna also works wonders in sleeplessness especially SHIRODHARA
In Shirodhara, medicated oil stream is poured on forehead so it calms your mind and gives you a very good night’s sleep

So hope you get good night’s sleep and sweet dreams with all these home remedies.

Eat well ….Sleep tight
Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

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