In service of the unique ,excellent Paanchabhautik Ayurveda. (Blog – 11)

15 years with Paanchabhautic Ayurveda.

Paanchabhautic ayurveda is my passion, my life.
I thank God for blessing me with this unique Ayurveda and giving me opportunity of spreading and healing mankind with its excellent results.

Paanchabhautik ayurveda written by his genius Vaidyaraj. Aatmaram Daatar Shastri. Only an extremely talented and genius saint could write  such perfect , to the point as well detailed ayurveda.
It’s a hatts  off to his work….It’s par excellent…………..Not comparsion to anything near him and his work “THE PAANCHABHAUTIK AYURVED”

“Genius is known after his time”

Like how Dnyaneshwar made Geeta simplified to general people by writing Dnyaneshwari……Same ways His Genius Vaidyaraj Aatmaram Dattarshatri has made ayurveda simple to mankind by writing Paanchabhautik ayurveda.

Paanchabhautik Ayurveda studies the five basic elements of universe i.e. PRUTHVI (Earth), AAP (Water ), TEJ ( Fire) , VAAYU (Air), AAKASH ( Space). Disturbance in the balance/ in equilibrium of these mahabhutas leads to disturbance in nature causing calamities or changes in these mahabhutas to keep itself balance brings about seasons. for example…after summer when alot of tej mahabhuta increases then rainy season comes ie….aap mahabhuta to balance the equilibrium and maintain nature.

Paanchabhautik Ayurveda studies these mahabhutas in human body and disturbance in equilibrium inmahabhutas in body brings about disease….so this science explains the disease etiololgy on basis of these basic life forces and thus its very precise and accurate ….in today’s world we can call it Quantum Ayurveda. the medicines are too very unique not branded preparations ….effective in very minute quantity (in millgrams), showing very faster effect in very few days.

I am immense ly fortunate to be associated with Paanchabhautik Ayurveda.

It’s a bliss to see happiness in eyes of patients after getting cured.
And no gift better than their words of gratitude and thankfulness….Especially when elderly patients bless you with all their heart when you could free them from their ailment.

Extremely thankful to God for this life and this career path.

Celebrating work anniversary

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To know more about PAANCHABHAUTIK AYURVEDA….Visit –

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