Prevention from cough , cold (Blog – 03)

  • Keep immunity high by eating fresh food
  • Keep digestion good by avoiding fermented food, stale food , heavy to digest food, cold food and milk and milk products.
  • Drink warm water
  • Do dhoop in house so that the air around you is kept clean.
  • Drink ginger, turmeric, lemon tea without milk to keep health.
  • Mix turmeric and jaggery and make tablets of it. Chew them like lozenges to keep throat clear and keep it healthy.
  • Gargle with warm water+ turmeric + salt at night
  • Stop munching all the time as it hampers digestion. Eat four hourly to keep digestion and immunity up to mark.
  • Pranayam to keep health of respiratory system upto mark
  • Do Yoga especially Suryanamaskar to keep body’s internal energy in balance.
  • Listen to positive music, shlok, mantra to keep positive vibes around you. It keeps you mentally healthy.
  • Cherish a hobby to keep your heart happy.

Body is healthy if all four parts HEART, MIND, BRAIN AND BODY are taken care of. As each is related and interconnected to each other. Body works as a whole and not in parts.

Stay healthy, stay blessed

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