Staying healthy is very simple (Blog – 01)

  • Avoid milk and milk products( no animal drinks milk , still they are healthier than us and have better skeleton and lesser bone problems) 
  • Milk is not the only source of calcium.Nowdays milk is more toxic with hormones n steroids secreted in it as cows are injected with it.
  • Don’t take milk with food like  chai and milk. 
  • Don’t take milk with food like rice and milk.
  • Dont take milk with nonveg like milk n fish.
  • Don’t ever  warm curd esp while cooking some recepies.
  • Dont take milk with fruits like fruit salad or shikharan.
  • If u want to drink milk, then it should be consumed on empty stomach and only with dryfruits.
  • Avoid sour things esp curd after 5pm.
  • Avoid eating curd throughout rainy season.
  • Drink water only when thirsty(don’t over drink)it removes out minerals with it from body.
  • No watching tv or mobile while eating.Wrong information goes with food so wrong transformations are made in body.
  • Eat seasonal fruits.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Have breakfast like king, lunch like queen and dinner like begger.
  • Have light dinner and as early and nearer to sunset as possible.
  • Sleep 2 hrs after dinner.
  • No  any form of exercise like walking after dinner.
  • No oiling to any part of body or taking bath after eating food.
  • Keep mobile as away from body as possible.
  • Keep wifi and mobile data closed as much as possible it’s harmful for brain esp for kids. 
  • Stop eating maida products and products having preservatives as all r cancerous.
  • Spend some time of everyday in nature.
  • Once a week spend time cherishing ur hobby.
  • Meditate for some time before going to sleep as it is actual  relaxation to mind better than sleep.

2 Comments on “Staying healthy is very simple (Blog – 01)

  1. Bahut achee jankari de aapne dr saheb…plz tell something about my eye problem..


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